Country living room with pail and rich-patterned upholstery

Country Living Room Using Country Style Elements

Having a country living room must be nice for you who live in a country. Even for those who live in a city, a living room, which has a country concept, is nice to see. To have the country look, you need some elements in country style. They may come from the furniture, the mat, the curtain or other decorative items. The color choice for country living room tends to […]

black and white modern living room

Modern Furniture Items for Black and White Living Room

Design is always improved but black is always in trend. If you want to create futuristic look in your house, you can have black and white living room. The combination of white and black is perfect to create a contemporary look in your house. You can paint the wall white and have the combination of black and white for the furniture. Many people love black and white living room. The […]

living room ottoman coffee table

Beautiful Options of Living Room Coffee Tables

Having coffee table in the living room must be nice. For you who have a big house, a big living room with coffee table is the option to welcome the guests and to enjoy with the family. You will be able to give coffee to your guests without going to the kitchen. You can also make coffee for yourself and feel energized in the morning or at night. The function […]

Small backyard garden designed as patio

Beautiful Small Yard with Garden Layout Ideas

The correct garden layout ideas can improve a place look and transform into a very remarkable ambiance. It can increase the aesthetical appearance of a house of a building. Garden layout plan is one of the necessary things to be arranged carefully in building a house. Whether the garden location is outside or inside the house, a garden will give positive effects to the appearance and emotional mood around the […]

garden paths

The Variety of Garden Path Design with Gravel

Garden path does not only complement the eyes, it is also used to protect the plants in the garden from being stepped on. There are many kinds of garden path design. Gravel is one of the most popular path designs because it is easy to apply and quite affordable. Gravel path can come from crushed stone, crushed shells, or washed gravel. Before deciding which path material will be used, some […]

perennial flower garden design plans

Flower Garden Design with Fall Winter Season Color

The exterior part of a house is as important as the interior one. Many elements such as flower garden design are involved in creating the overall impression of the exterior of a house. Besides the design of the house, the yard, especially the front yard has quite strong influence to the house final appearance. There are many ways to improve the yard, including growing flowers as parts of the yard’s […]

japanese garden pond design

Tropical Garden Pond Design with Koi Fish

A garden pond design at home does not only have the aesthetical function, but also has the recreational function. Many kinds of garden design references can be obtained through the internet or magazines. There are many tips on DIY garden design. One feature that has quite a big impact in a garden is the presence of water feature. Some examples include water fountain, pond, and man made waterfall. No one […]

landscape garden design

Modern Garden Design Ideas for Front Yard

Garden is more as the secondary part of a house. However, the existence of a garden at the front yard will transform a house quite differently. Especially if it is planned well, a garden at the front yard will increase the value of the house with the interesting and fresh outdoor space. There are many inspirations from the modern garden design ideas that can be applied easily at home. This […]

rain garden design

Ideas of Cozy Patio Garden Design with Wooden Decking

With the business and routine of the everyday life, people need to get recreation occasionally to refresh their minds and bodies. That is why it is important to take some times for having vacations and being free from the workload. However, when there seems not enough time to have vacations, it can be replaced with some recreational activities at home that can bring the similar refreshment. Enjoying the fresh air […]